Jon Bellion takes us behind the scenes in “The Making of” his 3 latest singles!


“The Making of” (Behind The Scenes) – Jon Bellion 

Jon Bellion is probably one of the most gifted contemporary hip-hop/pop artists you’ve never heard of. Hailing form U.S, just last year he released his third and most recent mixtape titled, “The Definition” and that’s when I discovered his music through a producer friend. Ever since downloading his mixtape, I have become a huge fan and he hasn’t given me a reason to ever change my mind!

Earlier this year he released 3 new singles which he featured in the documentary above. Here he takes us behind the scenes to see the whole production process. And apart from getting to see how the music is made, there is a segment where he speaks about his own personal thoughts on fame and family. He gives a very honest take on how he views his music career and where he wants to go with it and it gives his fans an opportunity to connect with him in a real way. You can checkout the documentary above and stream his music via Soundcloud –



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