Meet the “Classic Man” Jidenna


“Classic Man” (Remix) – Jidenna

Jidenna is the newcomer in the American hip-hop music scene bringing the era of the classic man to 2015. His breakout single has been doing the rounds on radio and he has emerged as an artist to keep an eye on for the future. In the remix for “Classic Man” he features Kendrick Lamar in a sophisticated but fun video that also has cameo appearances from Miss Janelle Monae & Hit-Boy. 

Jidenna is a true classic man himself, often dressing from top to bottom in an old school swanky style that effortlessly sets him apart. According to Billboard he says, “Class ain’t just a glass of champagne. It’s about taste, discretion, and taking pride in your character. Something that is classic is both timeless and relevant.” And that is likely to be Jidenna’s story. Checkout the video for the remix above!


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