Radiofien re-introduces herself on new single “The One”


“The One” – Radiofien 

Radiofien is a relatively unknown but exciting new Zimbabwean artist that I have been following for about 2 years now. I first encountered her music whilst compiling the tracks for my annual dj mix series with Team Kunakirwa called “The December In Zim Mix”.  She featured on a song by TRK titled ‘Take Me To The Money’ and that’s when I started paying close attention to her music. Unfortunately after that promising introduction she seems to have disappeared altogether for quite a while.

However, she has now re-surfaced and didn’t come back empty handed! Word is she has been working with one of Showtime Zimbabwe’s leading producers DuTch on a new project. To back this up, Radiofien recently dropped the new single titled “The One” and the visuals that accompanied it definitely didn’t disappoint! I’ll be looking out for news on if and when that project is dropping, but in the meantime check out the official video for “The One” and keep an ear out for her music!


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