Kendrick Lamar Shouts out Cape Town on Fallon Tonight!


“Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 2 (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)” 

Any day I wake up to new music from Kendrick Lamar is a good day and today happens to be one of those days! Kdot was one of the musical guests on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and (although I myself haven’t seen the full interview yet) the word is that he was interviewed briefly and spoke about his 11 Grammy nods, To Pimp A Butterfly and video games apparently.

However, the standout moment from watching him debut new music during his performance of “Untitled 2”, was of Kendrick shouting out Cape Town several times in the song just before the 3 minute mark! Given how deep and complex his lyrics often are, I won’t speculate as to what exactly he meant within the context of the song. (At least until Rap Genius has a say) But it is worth noting that he says “I made my moves, we’re shackle free” before going into the Cape Town bit, so maybe it’s an Apartheid reference?

Either way, I was just chuffed as an honourary Cape Townian to hear us shouted out! Especially considering I was in the crowd when Kendrick last performed here and he reiterated how he cherished and would hold on to his special experience here. Looks like the man was true to his word!


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