Jon Bellion treats fans to 1 Take Acoustic cuts!


“Run Wild” – Jon Bellion

I can’t say this enough, but Jon Bellion is one guy you will want to keep a very close eye on if you happen to love good music. Behind hits such as Zedd’s ‘True Colors’ & Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’, Jon Bellion is definitely not a rookie in the game and his solo career is starting to really take off. I became a believer when I heard his 2014 project titled “The Definition” which I play repeatedly to this day. His rise has been relatively slow but steady with a string of impressive singles including “All Time Low” and “Woodstock” following the album last year.

To kick-start 2016, Jon decided to treat the fans to some live, 1-take acoustic’s of some of the best songs from the album as well as some singles. The acoustic cuts recorded at MSR Studios in NYC were seemingly effortless but so well executed, in what I can only describe as a fun, creative & relaxed environment. As a fan, these acoustic cuts are priceless collectables and really showcase the level of creativity this dude is operating on. You can check out the acoustic performance of “Run Wild” above, along with the rest of the acoustic versions here.


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