Moss Kena re-works Kendrick Lamar’s “These Walls”


“These Walls” (Moss Kena Rework) – Kendrick Lamar

I’ve always considered Kendrick Lamar‘s music remix-proof and no attempt to re-imagine his music has caught my attention.. until now! Moss Kena’s rework of “These Walls” from To Pimp A Butterfly is nothing short of amazing. It’s funky & up-beat but keeps the soulful feel of the original song. What’s really cool is that this rework looks like a debut offering from Moss Kena, meaning there must be more where this came from! Although he is relatively unknown, Beats 1’s Zane Lowe has already played this re-work on his show and the internet is buzzing off it. Been a while since I’ve unearthed a completely new artist making music like this, but if this rework is anything to go by we can all be excited. I’ll be looking out for this guy. Stream above. 


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