@BigStar_Live & @AewonWolf team up for the #MyYear video!


“My Year” ft. Aewon Wolf – Big Star Johnson 

Ever since winning SA’s popular reality hip-hop show “The Hustle”, Big Star Johnson has become one of the exciting new artists to watch in the game. Granted, winning the competition came with a record deal and a boat load of cash which helps to put an artist out there, but the talent is evident. I watched a couple of episodes of The Hustle and I can say dude was always one step ahead of the competition from the very beginning. Winning these ‘reality’ shows doesn’t always translate to success in the actual music industry however, and this is where Big Star Johnson still has to prove himself. The first big single he has released since winning is titled “My Year” and features another exciting new artist Aewon Wolf, alongside the nifty Sketchy Bongo on production. “My Year” doesn’t sound like most of the hip-hop songs that are out there right now which is refreshing, and it marks a promising start to what could be a big year for the guy. I’ll be keeping an eye on this dude this year..

For the Production Heads: “My Year” was produced by Sketchy Bongo


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