About Me



Hi! I’m Farai most people know me as Pro-G. I’m the face behind the Urban Sound Blog! I’m a Zimbabwean-born, Cape Town-based DJ, producer and all round music head.

In my twenty-five years of living I’ve worn many hats, the most recent being an events & club DJ, under the stage name Pro-G. Prior to DJ’ing professionally, I had been producing music for about 5 years, so I guess you could say I know a bit about music!

Ironically, I am currently finishing off my dissertation towards a Master’s qualification and have graduated with a Public Policy & Administration degree. Strange combination I know but please don’t judge me, I have black parents. Music is my passion and what I truly enjoy but we all gotta eat right? I guess I’m just a creative trying to figure it all out like everybody else.



Urban Sound is my personal music blog where I share some of my favourite African & international urban music ranging from hip-hop, afro-pop, pop, r&b and future beats. Urban Sound is where the best of our local music can exist and be showcased alongside international content. Keeping in mind music is a language on its own, please feel free to engage and interact, this is our blog.

I’ve carefully curated a blend of only the freshest local and international urban music, both new and old. So expect dope music, videos, instrumentals and documentaries from the best artists & musicians from our continent and beyond.

Welcome to Urban Sound!


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