@AmeenHarron x @LakotaSilva on “Higher” Video!


“Higher” (ft. Lakota Silva) – Ameen Harron

This is a young throwback to one of the dopest singles to drop in 2015 from super producer Ameen Harron alongside the talented Lakota Silva. I was fortunate enough to get introduced to Ameen sometime last year and got to witness first hand the creative genius at work in his home studio. From that experience all I could tell was that the dude eats, lives and breathes music! To back that up, Ameen has a solid track record having worked with some of the biggest names in the SA music industry including Jimmy Nevis, Locnville, AKA and Danny K just to name a few. The visuals for “Higher” were released in August last year and did some rounds but I felt not nearly enough to justify the quality of the track. So checkout the video and feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts..


@Reverb7 is back with “Million” alongside @AdionaChidzonga


“Million” – Adiona Chidzonga & Reverb7

It had been quite a while since I’d heard a Reverb7 single but it proved well worth the wait after hearing “Million” with Adiona Chidzonga. This was my first time hearing Adiona Chidzonga, but I thought she added a mature touch to the song with her voice. Reverb7’s beat is like a mix between David Guetta and Culoe De Song’s production styles, which somehow works really well in Million. My one regret was that it was rather short for a house song, but then again this is the radio mix after all! I’m really looking forward to hearing more of Adiona’s music and will be keeping an ear out for more Reverb7 stuff.

You can stream Million via Soundcloud above.