Lemaitre bring back the funk on Madeon’s “Pay No Mind”


“Pay No Mind” ft. Passion Pit – Madeon

These days I’ve been listening to a lot of funky disco-type music. Naturally I love that kind of music from early on in my childhood and have always secretly wanted to produce it! Sadly, I haven’t got around to doing that but I still have the utmost respect for those who can and do make it. Madeon doesn’t exactly fit into the funk/disco bracket but the music he makes certainly incorporates elements of those two genres in quite a meticulous way.

Madeon’s ‘Pay No Mind’ featuring Passion-Pit was the third single from his debut album titled “Adventure”, which was released earlier this year in February. The song turned out to be pretty amazing and was a big success following its release. No point in remixing that right? Wrong! Norwegian electronic duo, Lemaitre, injected a fresh dose of funk into the track and came out with the grooviest remix I’ve heard this year. Their remix really made me love the song even more which in 2015 is quite difficult to do, especially when there are tonnes of sub-par remixes for everything. I’m definitely ready for a beach party on this one!

Stream the remix above.


Singer Mapei is the new face of doo-wop!


“Change” – Mapei

Still on the theme of good music that seemingly went unnoticed, I got introduced to an amazing Swedish-American artist by the name of Mapei sometime last year. The song I heard first was “Don’t Wait” which was the first single from her September 2014 debut album titled ‘Hey Hey’. That single is the one she is best known for and featured a really cool digital daft punk-esque effect on the verses (I believe the nerds would call it the vocoder effect!). To be honest the only other music I found was released before her debut album. 

“Change” was one of the gems I found after discovering her music and it was the second single from the album. According to The Fader magazine, Mapei calls her music “21st century gospel or doo-wop” but I lean more towards the doo-wop side on that one. If anything, I would call her music modern-soul but hey, I’m just a blogger behind a laptop screen.. What would I know! Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to get my hands on the album to have an informed opinion but I generally expect that the album didn’t disappoint. 

Checkout the lyric video for her second single “Change” above and let me know what you think!

Diplo keeps remixing everything but I like it!


“Tennis Court” (Diplo’s Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Remix) – Lorde 

Occasionally on this blog I feature music that can be classified as “old” in this microwave generation but that’s the point really! I think a lot of good music gets lost in the trending-topic moments of the internet. This is why my blog serves partially as a time capsule for myself and everybody else who doesn’t consume music at the rate that has become ‘normal’ these days. Anyway, with that out of the way, I can get to the actual point of this post!

Diplo released his remix of “Tennis Court” by Lorde in May last year and it was right around the time Flume dropped his own version which was admittedly more popular at the time. I still thought Diplo made a chilled-banger of note, tailor made for a laid-back summer but I haven’t heard anybody speaking about it since. It goes without saying that Diplo knows how to remix a hit but this one goes down as one of his best to date! Just to top it off, he named it the “Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Remix” probably just because he can. Seemingly a bit of a strange guy but his music does more than compensate if you ask me! 

Checkout the Tennis Court remix above.

[Audio] Diplo & Grandtheft smash their remix of BBHMM out the park!


“B**** Better Have My Money” (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix) – Rihanna

First of all, this is an official remix so you know they had to come correct but Rihanna getting Diplo & Grandtheft for a remix is just plain unfair! There are probably thousands of BBHMM remixes out in the world today but this is definitely one of the best collaboration remixes of it I have heard so far. So I won’t waste time saying too much except to tell you to press play immediately and thank me later!