@Reverb7 is back with “Million” alongside @AdionaChidzonga


“Million” – Adiona Chidzonga & Reverb7

It had been quite a while since I’d heard a Reverb7 single but it proved well worth the wait after hearing “Million” with Adiona Chidzonga. This was my first time hearing Adiona Chidzonga, but I thought she added a mature touch to the song with her voice. Reverb7’s beat is like a mix between David Guetta and Culoe De Song’s production styles, which somehow works really well in Million. My one regret was that it was rather short for a house song, but then again this is the radio mix after all! I’m really looking forward to hearing more of Adiona’s music and will be keeping an ear out for more Reverb7 stuff.

You can stream Million via Soundcloud above. 


@SirVincentSA & Lauren take us to Nirvana!


“Nirvana (Take Me To)” – Sir Vincent & Lauren

Anyone who has heard me speak about deep house will tell you that I am probably one of the biggest critics of the sub-genre of house music. It’s not as if I hate house music or anything, quite the opposite. When I first learnt how to professionally DJ, I did it with house music and I even sometimes produce it myself when the inspiration hits! I just prefer certain types of house music, much like anyone else really. So when I came across Sir Vincent & Lauren’s “Nirvana” I really had to re-evaluate my stance on deep.

I’ve always thought deep sounds overly repetitive and intentionally uninspiring, which is quite a harsh remark of a genre so vast. But that’s the kind of deep house I had encountered until I came across Nirvana of course. Nirvana is melodic, warm and carries a nostalgic summer feeling, the kind that reminds me of an epic sunset beach party. In their own words, Nirvana is “a melodic deep house tune with a great summer feel that speaks of going to Nirvana, a happy place full or endless possibilities.” They really captured the emotion and feeling on this one, and I am quite surprised this track isn’t more popular. Stream Nirvana above.

80’s Disco is back thanks to Duke Dumont


“Ocean Drive” – Duke Dumont

The first time I heard of Duke Dumont was when he made “I Got U” which sampled Whitney Houston and was a big hit at the time. Admittedly, I never followed up or heard much of him after that until now. I actually came across his single “Ocean Drive” by mistake whilst driving with a friend courtesy of the Apple music shuffle feature. Released in September last year, the video already has over 79 million views on Youtube which is crazy unless you’re Taylor Swift or something! Duke is from the UK and is a renowned international DJ and deep house producer. The single ‘Ocean Drive’ appears on his latest EP titled “Blase Boys Club Part 1” also released late last year topping off a very successful 2015 for him. The EP sounds more disco than house to me but I’m not complaining! You can check out the EP stream here.



“The Sound” – Davido ft. Uhuru & DJ Buckz

For anyone who has been paying close attention to the South African house music scene, the name Uhuru would have come up at some point. Uhuru is as a four-man producer hit-squad that has been topping the local charts under the legendary record label Kalawa Jazmee. The group shot to fame after releasing their single “Y-tjukutja” in 2013 and they have dominated the scene ever since.

Fast forward to 2015 and Uhuru has now started taking their hustle out of the country. In this collaboration with Nigerian superstar Davido, they all head out to Dubai and it is as lavish as you would expect. But what stood out were some of the stunts Davido pulled off in this video! Overall, it’s a great video and a great song. Check it out above.

For the Nerds: “The Sound” was produced by Shizzi & Uhuru.

[Live] Miss Karun & Boddhi Satva perform “Life” on Coke Studio Africa


“Life” – Miss Karun & Boddhi Satva

Since leaving the popular Kenyan hip-hop group Camp Mulla, singer Miss Karun has embarked on her own solo career. This song is one of her collaborative efforts that I found since the switch, and the musical direction she is taking seems to suit her vocal abilities really well. She is accompanied by Boddhi Satva, the Central-African Republic DJ/producer, and a full band on the Coke Studio Africa stage. Check it out!