@Snakehipsuk team up with @Tinashe & Chance for “All My Friends”


“All My Friends” ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper – Snakehips

London production-duo Snakehips recently made their first ever Coachella festival appearance which coincided with their “All My Friends” EP release. Pretty big deal for them no doubt, but the EP itself also lived up to expectations. Of the four tracks they featured on the EP, “All My Friends” was naturally the lead single and was released late October last year. As seems to be the norm these days, I got on to this song relatively late but then again, there’s just so much music being released nowadays, who can keep up anyway?

Surprisingly, they managed to get both Chance the Rapper & Tinashe on the track for a pretty perfect sounding collaboration. According to Teen Vogue, they had to send the track back and forth just because they were so busy and everyone was in different parts of the world. Hardly sounds like it, but it is 2016 after all! “All My Friends” is all about a night out with friends going wrong which I for one can relate to. Let’s just say sometimes things unnecessarily go way overboard when people go out clubbing with their friends! The beat is infectious and the hook is super catchy too. Check out the Director’s cut for “All My Friends” above.


[Audio] Kehlani leads the way in her latest project titled “You Should Be Here”


“Alive” – Kehlani

Chances are you’ve never heard of Kehlani but now is as good a time as any to get acquainted with her music! After her successful ‘Cloud 19’ mixtape from 2014 she has released a full-length album titled “You should be here” and it’s put R&B back on the map for me. The project itself has a lot of different sounds ranging from pop, hip-hop, and even a hint of jazz, but it’s done in a way that complements her R&B sound. “Alive” is the last song on the project but I recommend you go checkout the whole thing! Follow the link: You Should Be Here Album

[Stream] Snakehips take us back into time on “Forever Pt. II”


“Forever Pt. II” – Snakehips

The UK-duo Snakehips has been one of the pioneering acts of the nu-age RnB wave and they have gradually built a massive following off their new sound. On this single titled “Forever Pt. II” they featured vocalist Kaleem Taylor and the magic that came out was always going to be worth sharing. I don’t know about you but this sound takes me back to that 90’s R&B time and is the definition of nostalgic! Check it out above.