Moss Kena re-works Kendrick Lamar’s “These Walls”


“These Walls” (Moss Kena Rework) – Kendrick Lamar

I’ve always considered Kendrick Lamar‘s music remix-proof and no attempt to re-imagine his music has caught my attention.. until now! Moss Kena’s rework of “These Walls” from To Pimp A Butterfly is nothing short of amazing. It’s funky & up-beat but keeps the soulful feel of the original song. What’s really cool is that this rework looks like a debut offering from Moss Kena, meaning there must be more where this came from! Although he is relatively unknown, Beats 1’s Zane Lowe has already played this re-work on his show and the internet is buzzing off it. Been a while since I’ve unearthed a completely new artist making music like this, but if this rework is anything to go by we can all be excited. I’ll be looking out for this guy. Stream above. 


Singer Mapei is the new face of doo-wop!


“Change” – Mapei

Still on the theme of good music that seemingly went unnoticed, I got introduced to an amazing Swedish-American artist by the name of Mapei sometime last year. The song I heard first was “Don’t Wait” which was the first single from her September 2014 debut album titled ‘Hey Hey’. That single is the one she is best known for and featured a really cool digital daft punk-esque effect on the verses (I believe the nerds would call it the vocoder effect!). To be honest the only other music I found was released before her debut album. 

“Change” was one of the gems I found after discovering her music and it was the second single from the album. According to The Fader magazine, Mapei calls her music “21st century gospel or doo-wop” but I lean more towards the doo-wop side on that one. If anything, I would call her music modern-soul but hey, I’m just a blogger behind a laptop screen.. What would I know! Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to get my hands on the album to have an informed opinion but I generally expect that the album didn’t disappoint. 

Checkout the lyric video for her second single “Change” above and let me know what you think!